Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boy, have I been busy or what?

Busy, yes; productive, no. I've started to do a bit of work on my TextBox class, creating basically an XML parsing class so I can write scripts in text and print them out from that base form. For now, it reads the text - something that works.

I have devised a brilliant new plan to help launch my bright new coding career - advertising myself as an amateur coder looking for a bit of free work I can do to start building myself a real portfolio. I'm guessing that having past work I can show off will help to no end with getting in on projects I want to work on.

I've also started posting in the forums on Newgrounds, to try and get a bit more notice ... I've written a few posts helping people out with their ActionScript problems, so a few more people will see my name and my links, and hopefully some of them will have a bit of work I can do to get myself off the ground.

Also, seeing as I bet I'm the only one currently reading these posts, it seems like a good idea to get others here, because I don't want to look back on this blog in a year and realise that I wasted many good hours of my life talking to myself :P

So yes, I am getting to work with this whole plan, I'm making it happen ... let's just hope it all works out well.

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