Sunday, February 21, 2010

Okay, so for my first project ...

I bet when you first saw the title, you thought I'd decided on an idea that would eventually become a good game.

Sorry to disappoint you :(

If you didn't think that, congratulations, you're not disappointed! :D

Seriously though, no matter what I do, I either end up settling on a game that would either take MONTHS to get part way through, or a project that I would hate doing and would end up looking terrible.

So I've decided to take another approach to this - I'm going to build classes for my future projects, so that when I finally come up with an idea I'll already have a whole heap of useful tools done.

To start with, I've made a list, and I'm going to go through one by one until I can check each and every one of them off. The first will be :

"A class used to build a TextBox, including a border, a background, text, and scrolling."

Doesn't sound like much? It actually does involve a fair bit of code. It would be smaller if I was going to build this specifically for a project, but I'm not, so it'll be bigger and more versatile.

Now, I guess, I should probably just get started on this :D

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