Thursday, February 25, 2010

Helping where I can around the forums

Okay, so I've done a bit of work on the TextBox class, but it really isn't liking me at the moment. Flash shut down on me twice and it won't print my text correctly :(

Oh well. I'll get it to work eventually :D

But today, I did do some other work. While I was searching through the Newgrounds forums, I came across a post with no replies by none other than Bobert-Rob, one of my favourite Newgrounds animators. So, I decided that this would be a great way to start helping people out with code.

Starstruck, I've been trying to do everything I can to give him a perfect system for him to work with, despite not knowing initially what I was doing. While I wrote my cool new system, which involves using arrays to hold selected options from a menu, I learned a bit about arrays that I didn't know before, and also learned how to better use events to minimise the code needed for a project.

I've now posted up a link to the .swf I made using this code, and I am awaiting his reply - looking back on the posts I just realised I've probably annoyed him to no end with my annoying nagging about possible solutions to a problem I should probably have just written a quick answer for - but it's a bit late now; and with any luck, he'll forgive my eagerness due to my inexperience, and will find the more useful and adaptable class a reasonable reward for his patience xD

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